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We bring leading companies and exceptional tech talent together.

We believe in

All progress starts on an individual level with fulfilled potential, creativity and happiness. We enable people to be their best selves by connecting them with purposeful projects.

For us, diversity brings the greatest things to life. Talent and curiosity have no borders. We bridge gaps between people from different cities, countries and continents, with diverse cultural backgrounds but shared aspirations.

The growing challenges in our rapidly changing world require unique solutions. Innovation happens when you bring exceptional talent and pioneering companies together.

Black Pine Recruitment has helped us find top talents in the crypto industry. Throughout the process, they made lots of efforts to learn our hiring needs, and get to know our company and roles to give us the best candidates that fit our needs perfectly. It was great working with a team of amazing people who are professionals in the recruitment field.

Tomer Afek
Co-founder and CEO
Black Pine are the best tech recruiters we have worked with. They really made an effort to understand our needs and connected us with fantastic tech talent when we needed it most. Their network and passion for great tech talent is truly special.

Ferdinand Goetzen
Co-founder and CEO
Working with Black Pine Recruitment has always been very beneficial. Their attitude and precision are truly outstanding. They do a great job when it comes to understanding clients’ needs and their attention to detail is very unique. I would definitely work with them again in the future.

Balazs Szima-Marmarosi
Managing Partner
Digital Thinkers